Pleasant lightambience for doctor´s surgeries.

Today more frequent modern surgeries architectural concepts try to improve the feeling for people who are visiting a doctor. Also in this specific field of architecure, stylish interior design solutions reinforcing the effect of light, are winning more and more recognition. Clean appearing spaces are more and more things of the past. Additionally to a pleasant interior design a well-balanced mix of functional working light and atmospheric ambient lighting can disperse the familiar uncongenial atmosphere and give the patient a feeling of safeness and sense of well-being. Even in this special segment of architecture Molto Luce attests flair and skillful supports through individual lighting solutions. Some examples

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Molto Luce catalogue 15/16

Our new catalogue Molto Luce collection issue 15/16 reflects the full range of all our lighting products. Clearly presented with all the essential Details and a kit if wonderful light impressions. Have a look. Click…

Energy Efficiency Labels

According to the new EU-regluation (874/2012) we provide the EE-labels for all products made by Molto Luce. You can easily download the necessary labels. Therefore please visit our B2B-Webshop.
B2B-Webshop for EE-Labeling

Molto Luce international.

It is our intention to be well-known in all the European countries. Therefore we are searching for successful agents in some countries. Interested? Contact us!