Our roots as the basis of our future.

The passion as the driving force.


Only those who live for the moment live for the future (Heinrich von Kleist)

Italian lighting design in Austria. Since 1981.

In 1981 Fritz Eiber, who was 22 at the time, made the bold decision to start a company to bring Italian lighting design to Austria. The young entrepreneur initially ran a small specialist lighting store of only 100 m² in the centre of Wels, with a great deal of passion and motivation. His love of design and architecture was already reflected in the range in this period and he was soon selling unique lighting designs from all over Europe. Architects and planners were quickly won over by the success and continuous company growth of Molto Luce.



Foundation of Molto Luce

Opening of a 100m² specialised store in Wels



Relocation to Linzerstraße


Relocation to Europastraße, the current address of the Molto Luce Headoffice


Transformation of the company legal form into a limited company

Building enlargement and opening of the associated restaurants „Il Campanile“


Opening of Molto Luce Vienna


First Molto Luce product development

Track-spotlight DADO


Building of the production site in Weißkirchen near Wels

Starting of the production of own lighting series branded by Molto Luce


Foundation of a distribution company in Germany

Opening of a distribution office in Cologne


Opening of a distribution office in Nuremberg

Design Plus Award for Zita pendant


Opening of the Molto Luce flagship-store Munich


30 years Molto Luce

Opening of a further German distribution office in Bremen


Huge enlargement of the production site

Enlargement of the der LED-development unit

Design Plus Award for Balance pendant


Opening of a distribution office in Graz
Opening of a distribution office in Hamburg

Design Plus Award for Illumini
Red Dot Award , Design Plus Award, AIT Retail Trend Award for After 8


German Design Award Special Mention for Illumini
German Design Award Winner for After 8
Red Dot Award for Shopstar


35 years Molto Luce

Relocation of the Flagship-Store Munich

Ground-breaking for the new building WK IV at the production site Weißkirchen


Foundation of a distribution company in Italy


Opening of a distribution office in Brescia/Italy

Relocation and enlargement of the distribution office in Hamburg

New production site in Weißkirchen WK IV

German Design Award for Lash


Luminaire of the year for Lens
German Design Award Winner for Iven and Loon Ball
Design Plus Award for Trigga Semirecessed Frameless
Red Dot Award for Grid LFO and Charm


Founding of Molto Luce Schweiz AG

Lenzburg sales office opens
Opening of the new West sales office in Innsbruck
Change of location Graz

Award "Top Supplier Retail 2019" from EHI Institute and German Food Newspaper
German Design Award 2020 Mova and Algae
Lamp of the year Algae



IF Design Award 2020 for ARTIS spotlights

Molto Luce today

10 locations, 450 employees

Today, Molto Luce is itself a manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions. More than 450 employees work at ten sites in Austria, Germany, Italy and Schwitzerland to develop and manufacture a high-quality range of indoor and outdoor lighting for the home and – especially – the commercial sector, and to create the best lighting atmosphere in the field of architecture with these products. In Austria, Germany, the EU and beyond these borders - the company has changed but the passion remains.

Molto Luce 2019