Blind Spot

Visitors were stoked by Blind Spot.

With a minimalist appealing design and an impressive lighting situation, the swivel-mounted built-in spotlight Blind Spot convinced the visitors of our booth at the Light & Building. Blind Spot brings light into a room in a specific way. With the aid of state-of-the art lens technology visible light is reduced to an absolute minimum of only 10 mm. This means that the technology of the luminaire disappears into the ceiling, one sees neither lens nor LED board. The light is focused by the special LFO lens at the light exit opening as closely as physically possible, and then the light beam is expanded again to 30° and 55°, respectively. Thus, Blind Spot illuminates the room again in the usual intensity. LFO lenses also provide impressive glare control, dramatically improving visual comfort.

Blind Spot is available with mounting frame or as frameless version. Particularly interesting is the version with the mineral fiber plate, through which the spot disappears completely into the ceiling up to a light exit opening of 13.5 mm in diameter. All that remains is an exciting lighting experience