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BIM files of our constantly expanding selection of luminaires are now available on BIMOBJECT.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an innovative software-based method with coordinated planning, realisation and management of buildings. All relevant building data is digitally modelled, combined and acquired to create a digital twin of the complete building. The objective is to optimise efficiency and quality of all construction processes.


BIMOBJECT is a platform for architects and engineers which offers highly diverse products (e.g. luminaires, furniture, chairs, heaters,…) for the building planning that can be freely downloaded and integrated into the own plan.


BIMOBJECT offers you the unique chance to visualise and configure our luminaires in advance in the 3D viewer, and to download their plans in different formats. This feature makes Molto Luce a pioneer in the luminaire sector.


> You can find our BIM files here


With Molto Luce luminaires, you can profit from the advantages of the BIM method!

// Saving time

Even smallest mistakes in the construction planning can put the entire project at risk, jeopardizing liquidity budgets and resulting in long delays. With the BIM method, potential errors can be corrected directly in the digital model and in real time. This reduces the planning phase considerably.


// Saving and controlling costs

The BIM method logs all details of the development cycle and thus ensures precise cost and time calculations. With the data stored in the building’s digital twin, short-term changes, repairs and maintenance works can be done faster and at a reduced rate.


// Better communication and planning security

BIM builds a team of all people involved in the project. This makes communication easier and reduces errors, with a much better planning security and quick identification of planning errors.


From planning via maintenance through to demolition - as a virtual double, BIM includes all information about the object's entire life cycle. Whether light calculations, energy calculations of the entire building, life cycle simulations or spare parts orders, the BIM method opens many new possibilities.


> You can find our BIM files here