Top Supplier Retail 2019

Molto Luce receives award

EHI Institute and the German food industry magazine Deutsche Lebensmittelzeitung awarded the METRO ZERO ONE St. Pölten project.

Conserving resources and environmental awareness have increasingly come into play in shopfitting. The topic of energy efficiency is now omnipresent. Modern concepts do not only consider the visual aspects of a retail project but focus increasingly on sustainability and a sophisticated planning of resource-consuming systems in stores.

So does the energy efficiency project "METRO ZERO ONE, ST. PÖLTEN". The project partners LUXWELT, VIESMANN, kke and MOLTO LUCE, responsible for planning and supply, have recently been awarded the "TOP SUPPLIER RETAIL 2019" prize by the EHI Institute and the Deutsche Lebensmittelzeitung at the EHI Energy Management Award ceremony for this lighthouse project.

The innovative cash & carry METRO market is full of atmosphere and emotions. It is friendly, bright and decorated with plenty of wood. Its broad corridors and large open spaces convey a feeling of infinity and spaciousness. This atmosphere and the way the products are presented highlight the quality of the products and invite customers to enjoy and spend more time shopping, although commercial customers are primarily focused on the acquisition of goods. After all, there is no reason why restaurateurs should not do their shopping in an appealing environment.

On top of that, energy management had highest priority in this project. The shop floor of 8500 square meters, for instance, is heated with the waste heat of the refrigeration system and most of the energy demand is generated by the photovoltaic system on the roof. The new shop now consumes more than 50 percent less electricity than the previous METRO shop in St. Pölten.

This was essentially achieved by an in-depth analysis of the major energy consumers in the food retail sector during the planning process. Especially in large shops, the lighting system offers high energy saving potentials. The METRO shop project team in St. Pölten tackled this task and could save huge amounts of energy by using efficient LED illumination. In cooperation with the lighting planner LUXWELT, MOLTO LUCE equipped the flagship project with a lighting system that was convincing, both aesthetically and technically. The transparent facade and surrounding band of windows in the upper area of the building allow a lot of daylight into the shop floor. This way the entire system can be adjusted accordingly to the daylight and uses a light level in line with the actual demand instead of a constant level throughout the whole operating time.

Günter Fillips, Key Account Manager of Molto Luce and consultant of the flagship project knows: "We are aware of the challenges big stores, cash & carry markets but also small retailers face. With our sophisticated concepts and highquality lights, we provide valuable benefit in the presentation of goods and cost management. While costs were the key criteria in the past, it is the visual impression and increasingly the sustainability and energy efficiency aspects that matter most today to our customers. In comparison to conventional lighting systems, modern solutions offer real advantage through technical innovations and the possibility of using light- control systems."

The general lighting in the whole shop floor of the METRO St. Pölten is provided by customized luminaires “3 ANGLE” which LUXWELT has designed for this store by transforming the successful Molto Luce ONE ROW aluminium profile system. Instead of linear continuous line luminaires, typical for major retail areas, clearly visible lights grouped in triangles float from the ceiling, which visually upgrade the space, gives the technology on the ceiling more transparency and highlights the architecture. As this system was developed especially for high halls and shops, it offers the necessary light level and perfect illumination of the goods.

The fresh food area is well illuminated with energy-efficient recessed downlights of the ONLY IP54 series as well as the ONE ROW-SYSTEM combined with the world's first FOOD IP54 track spotlight GO STORE IP54. The light colours are matched to product groups, presenting fish, meat, fruits and vegetables as well as bread more authentically and in appealing colours for the customer.

Round ceiling lights of the BADO series in various diameters also add an optical loosening and a sense of friendliness to the METRO market. They suffuse the checkout and exit areas and provide optimum lighting conditions.

Viessmann Kühlsysteme and the kke GmbH, focused on refrigeration technology, clearly reduced the energy consumption of refrigeration systems at the market in St. Pölten by installing only closed refrigerated cabinets, except for the cheese counter. This is important as refrigeration is by far the biggest energy consumer in this kind of shops. In addition, accessible cold rooms for meat, fruits and vegetables were installed with different cooling zones. The waste heat of the cooling system is recovered and used in concrete core cooling, hot water generation and heating of the building.

As a result, customers will not only be impressed with the fresh products, but also the modern design of the cash & carry market. Their wish to repeat this shopping experience soon at the METRO market in St. Pölten fuels expectations for great sales figures.

Murat Cap, owner of LUXWELT and the project's light designer says: "Our idea was to set a milestone towards environmental awareness in the shopping sector. We used state-of-the art technology to safe energy and focused on innovative light design to craft a unique experience for each customer. We lent this lighting concept a distinctive character to draw attention to the awarded wooden structure. Therefore, we developed new individual light objects with a transparent aesthetics. We gave it the shining name 3 Angle. The visual appearance of this transparent light system which accompanies the architecture of the building, created a new visual perception of light design."