Design combined with improved colour rendering for a special light atmosphere.

Perfect glare control

The DARK REFLECTOR has been enhanced with a special coating developed by Molto Luce which, in combination with its micro-faceting, guarantees perfect glare control.


Improved colour rendering

In comparison to a standard aluminium coating, the dark coating improves colour rendering (CRI) by 4%. The advantage of an increased CRI is better colour fidelity of, for instance, goods in a store. The colour appearance of the products illuminated by the DARK REFLECTOR is comparable to that in natural light.

More red light

The colour range shows the difference to a common reflector. When using the DARK REFLECTOR, the share of red light increases by 10%. This special light atmosphere offers many undreamt-of possibilities in shops and retail as well as hotels and restaurants.

Unique cold/ warm appearance

Whether ON or OFF, the DARK REFLECTOR appears almost the same, making it hard to say where the light comes from. This makes it unique and gives it an elegant effect. The slight difference only becomes evident when looking directly at the light source.

Areas of application

Its extraordinary characteristics make the DARK REFLECTOR the ideal illumination solution for areas of application such as shops selling goods made of leather like bags or shops selling jewellery. The DARK REFLECTOR creates new light atmospheres in architecture, especially important in restaurants, bars or hotels. Although the dark coating absorbs approximately 40% of the light, it is precisely this characteristic which creates a great atmosphere in the aforementioned surroundings.

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