Dim2Spot by Molto Luce

With the technology developed by Molto Luce, it is possible to influence the beam angle of a luminaire via a control system for the first time.

Variable beam angle

Light flexibility with no moving parts

In contrast to the usual dimming behavior, Dim2Spot does not “dim” the light level, but the beam angle.

Controllable via app

New lighting situations with a fingertip

With a dimming signal generated via a standard DALI or Bluetooth control, the beam angle can be adjusted from "Flood" to "Spot" according to the requirements in the project. The luminance of the respective beam angles remains approximately the same.

Dim2Spot technology in the MOVA spotlight series

The Mova spotlight family is the first spotlight series with Dim2Spot technology. Both in the track version and in the recessed spotlight, our app simplifies implementing a perfect lighting situation tailored to your needs with one click.


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