Products perfectly stage

Optimal lighting from Molto Luce


We have the perfect lighting solution for every area of application. The effect of light as well as the results, that can be achieved, are often underestimated.

Products that are optimally illuminated increase a consumer’s desire to buy and transform shopping into a real shopping experience.


Whether you run a bakery, a butchery or a clothing store - we offer tailor-made lighting solutions which add the little extra touch to your products.

With an appealing presentation of the goods with appropriate lighting accents, the overall picture of the shop appears coherent and inviting.

Convince yourself and take a look at our projects in the various sectors.


As a passionate bakery, you naturally want to present your products in the best possible way.

With lighting solutions from Molto Luce, the incomparable taste is reflected in the appearance and your bread looks extra crispy, the chocolate donut especially chocolatey and the croissant exceptionally buttery.

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