Next generation of reflectors

This reflector with its square rotationally symmetrical spotlight is completely different from the other solutions on the market. Transverse facets create the perfect colour mixing, brilliance and appealing cold and warm light. The light beams are reflected only once with optimal Light Output Ratio (LOR).


Goods, as a standard, are illuminated with round rotationally symmetrical reflectors to accentuate certain points with reflected light. The light image shape is round and encircled by a halo through direct lighting.

With such a lighting of products, the spotlight angle causes a parabolic illumination of the wall in the background. This creates a highly uneasy light image if there are several spotlights. On top of that, light which should be focused on the goods is dispersed in the surroundings.

Another effect of several spotlights is that customers are increasingly dazzled by the light from the side. This happens as it is limited late, and so direct light is generated that illuminates larger areas inside the shop.

There are already many solutions on the market to avoid halos or to focus the light only on the goods. For instance, lenses or hybrid optics (a combination of lens and reflector), mostly rotationally symmetrical, which shine a round or elliptical light image on the goods. The effect is dark spots in the corners if there are several spotlights and products are not evenly illuminated.

Light distribution

The light distribution results in an evenly illuminated square, sloping linearly in the edge area for the eye to embarrass a soft runout. The new reflector fits into a rotationally symmetrical spotlight and can be easily exchanged using an exchange system.

Light distribution 15┬░

The highlight of the square reflector shows itself only when the spotlight is inclined at approximately 15 degrees towards the wall. It illuminates the goods absolutely evenly from top to bottom. The maximum illumination width of two meters is exactly on eye level. On top of that, the light image ends in a straight line at the upper edge of the shelf. This is what distinguishes this reflector from others and opens up undreamt-of possibilities.


Homogeneous light band

If several spotlights are arranged one after the other, the resulting light image becomes a unique homogenous light band over the complete length of shelves which ends in a straight line and evenly at the wall. The light image in the shop now appears calm, and customers can fully enjoy the shopping experience as they are no longer distracted by irregular parabolic shapes on the wall. Illumination this way no longer accentuates certain points of the goods. Instead, they are illuminated evenly over the entire length and height without disturbing dark spots. Light is focused on what matters - the product.

Cross aisles

Another advantage over rotationally symmetrical reflectors becomes obvious in transverse aisles. While the chip-on-board's direct light of common reflectors in transverse aisles or in the next aisle dazzle customers, the geometrically optimised shape of the new reflector guarantees that the light beams are reflected faster by the goods and are no longer dazzling.

Signs & lettering

Another application of the square reflector is the perfect illumination of signs and letterings. These are usually rectangular or square instead of round. Disturbing halos and bright spots in the centre of rotationally symmetrical reflectors are now a thing of the past.

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