For a long time you have heard the loud call of the market for products with interchangeable LEDs. After intensive development work, we are once again proving our innovation leadership with the new X-Change technology.

The easy-to-change chip-on-board LED module (COB module) provides a ready-to-use solution for greater flexibility, energy efficiency and sustainability.

X-Change Technology for the environment and adaptability

The next decisive step in the history of the LED.

Years ago, the switch to innovative LED technology was revolutionary, but LED is now the leading light source technology across all areas of application. Strong arguments for the breakthrough were and are still the trendy, particularly subtle luminaire design, but above all the high efficiency and the resulting energy-saving potential.

On the other hand, there is still the disadvantage that the LED circuit board is usually installed permanently in the luminaire. This means that, as with the old technologies, it is not just the light source that needs to be replaced, but rather the entire luminaire as soon as the LED has exceeded its service life. This not only means unnecessary pollution of the environment, in the case of professional applications in the project business it also means a great loss of flexibility and cost efficiency. This can be remedied by developing an exchangeable COB module.

Inspired by customer requests

Based on a specific customer requirement from a well-known fashion label, our product developers quickly took up the innovative topic of replaceable LEDs. After around a year of development, the solution is now on the table.

First series product with COB module

The Molto Luce X-Change Technology, which enables a simple change of an LED based on COB, is used for the first time as a series-ready product for the MOVA track spotlight.

Coming soon

In the near future, Molto Luce will also offer a linear solution for exchangeable LEDs with the defined lengths L60, L120, L150 according to ZHAGA Book 14, which have a push-in & push-out system and acoustic and tactile feedback for tool-free lamp assembly (click -Fit) will be equipped.

Areas of application

The further development of the spotlight, which is primarily used in the retail sector, now offers a functional solution to enable adjustments to be made quickly and at the lowest possible cost. The COB can be changed completely without tools using a bayonet lock and can also be carried out directly on the power rail. The COB module is available with protective glass for effective dust protection, but also without glass as a highly efficient solution.

Linear light sources also play an important role in professional lighting. T8 fluorescent lamps with a G13 base and T5 fluorescent lamps with a G5 base are currently widely used as light sources.

Simply (un)changeable

1, 2, 3...your spotlight is already adapted - whether new COB module or new reflector. Without tools, without stress: new colour temperature, new beam angle, new CRI value...

Simply advantageous

A number of advantages are associated with the replaceable LED. Of course, one thinks primarily of replacing defective LEDs at the end of their service life, but this is of rather secondary importance given the long cycles.

  • Easier generation change
    Manufacturers of COBs bring a new generation of PCBs onto the market every 2-3 years on average. This is associated with significant increases in efficiency, as less power is consumed with more lumen output at the same time. The Molto Luce X-Change Technology makes it possible to quickly switch to new COB generations and to benefit from this in terms of effect and costs.
  • Uncomplicated adaptation to changing requirements
    Thanks to the Molto Luce X-Change technology, the spotlights can be adapted to changing lighting tasks without tools. The COB module or the reflector can be changed in a few simple steps. A different light colour or CRI value can be implemented easily, quickly and at a comparatively low cost.

  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
    The efficiency of the further developed MOVA spotlight with X-Change Technology has been increased to a remarkable 97% thanks to the larger reflector and its innovative coating. The flexibility and adaptability achieved by the new system in the course of the spotlight's lifetime also mean a massive savings effect, because replacing the COB is around 10% of the initial costs that would be incurred by replacing a complete spotlight. The replacement ,therefore , pays for itself in a much shorter time.

  • Sustainability and resource conservation
    Less material wastage and waste as well as lower transport costs are additionally ensured with a pure COB exchange. This protects our environment. In addition, the efficiency increases achieved through lower power consumption with the same luminous flux output result in a more positive environmental balance.

  • Decorative luminaires a durable design object
    Thanks to simple COB replacement, it will certainly also be possible in the future for decorative luminaires to have the high-quality luminaire bodies in use significantly longer than until the end of the LED's service life. As known from GU10 or E27 sockets, only the LED light source is replaced in new luminaires. Low costs, environmentally friendly behaviour.


Molto Luce received the international “Lighting for Good Award” in the “Best of All” category for this innovation. Lighting for Good is an initiative by Temeloy Lighting and LVMH Lighting that aims to make luminaires more environmentally friendly.


Innovative spirit in terms of our environment. The exchangeable COB module makes it possible. The success of this new technology is unstoppable. Together we can change the world.

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