24h articles in the webshop

24h articles in the webshop

The 24h shop complements our general Molto Luce webshop with an interesting range of quickly available articles.

These marked products leave our external warehouse within 24 hours at the longest after the order has been received and are on their way to you. That saves time and increases efficiency.

FAQs about the 24h Ready To Deliver Shop

We have the answers to the most important questions.


How do I get into the 24h webshop? Do my existing login data also apply there?

The 24h webshop is part of the Molto Luce online shops. You can easily access the general Molto Luce webshop with your login details.

Will the sales from the 24h webshop be added to my customer account?

Of course, all orders will be added to your existing customer account.

What happens if a 24-hour article is no longer in stock?

We have a certain minimum stockpiling of 24-hour articles so that we are usually able to deliver. Of course it can happen that articles are out of stock. That would be the case, for example, if a larger amount were queried at once. In this case the article will temporarily become a "standard article" and will no longer be displayed in the 24h shop for this time. It is still visible in the classic shop.

What if 24-hour articles and standard articles in one order?
be combined?

If the shopping cart contains products from both categories, a message will appear on the screen and you will have to make a choice yourself. If you want all products to be delivered together, the standard delivery time also applies to 24-hour items. Otherwise you will have to place two separate orders.

Can the shipping method be changed to standard shipping for 24-hour articles?

In the ordering process, standard shipping can also be selected at the end of the order for 24-hour items.

How high are the transport costs for 24h articles?

Fixed shipping conditions apply. As a customer / purchaser, you can specify special wishes that deviate from this in the purchasing process.

Do I get an order and shipping confirmation?

In contrast to the general Molto Luce webshop, with the 24h webshop you do not receive an order confirmation, but only an order and shipping confirmation. Of course, an invoice too.

Can non-EU customers also order in the 24h webshop?

No, this is currently not possible because the special shipping conditions and the necessary customs formalities cannot be shown.

Who can help me with questions about the 24h webshop?

Whenever you have any questions or need help, the best thing to do is to contact the Molto Luce Service Center. Our employees are available for you with quick answers.


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