We won!

We received the Lighting for Good Award in the “Best of Best” category!

We are proud to announce that we recently got awarded by Lighting for Good in the category “Best of All” for our Mova Track Spot with toolless replaceable COB module. (COB = chip-on-board LEDs). The awarding of these sustainability awards was initiated by Lighting for Good. During the LVMH CLIMATE WEEK at the beginning of December these prizes were awarded virtually. We are winners in the “Best of All” category with the solution of a “replaceable LED” COB module in the MOVA track spot.
Lighting For Good is an initiative formed by Temeloy Lighting and LVMH Lighting that seeks to make light fittings more environmentally friendly. It's time for our industry to become more sustainable. Together we can make a difference and make this world more sustainable. Let us all be part of the solution!

Lighting for Good Initiative

We are delighted to be part of such an extraordinary initiative as sustainability is today more important than ever before. A big THANK YOU goes out to our development and export team, who made it possible for Molto Luce to win this great award.

Advantages for the customer

The possibility of exchanging the COB-module without tools results in many advantages for the end customer using LEDs. It is possible to replace the COB-module in our product, the MOVA Track Spot, with a new generation of COBs at any time and even on site without the use of tools. For the very first time, you can replace a LED as easily as it works with a light bulb.

The unique advantage for the customer emerges from the fact that a new COB generation comes with a higher efficiency, which in turn means electricity savings and thus also cost savings. Furthermore, for the purpose of sustainability, less waste is produced, since you are not necessarily required to replace the entire luminaire, but only the COB module within the luminaire.

Another advantage is that if you aim to modify the light color or the CRI‘s, you do not have to change all the luminaires, you just have to replace the internal module. If a redesign of your shop results in different needs or requirements for the corresponding light colors, it is sufficient to simply exchange the module instead of exchanging the luminaires themselves at great expense.

Furthermore, with luminaires of this type in combination with a dimmable driver, the secondary current can be readjusted after replacing the COB module, which in turn leads to electricity and cost savings due to a lower output and thus represents a very sustainable solution. If you do not use a dimmable driver, the use of a new generation of COB modules results in more lumen.

For the purpose of sustainability, there is also the option of returning old COBs with the corresponding module. In the next step, the module is equipped with a new COB and can be reused. This subsequently produces less waste and thus contributes to protecting our environment in the long term.

"Say No To Plastic" campaign

In course of this sustainability program the following points have already been realized:

  • Certified recycled cardboard FSC Mix
  • Custom fit packaging – safe material „As small as possible”
  • Upholstery – filled with crushed waste cardboard and paper (Climate neutral, intelligent and sustainable)
  • Wet tape of recycled cardboard material
  • Thermotransfer Eco label

Unfortunately, we cannot revolutionize the entire industry with this innovation alone, but we have taken a very important step towards the right direction. We feel very honored for receiving the Lighting for Good Award which corroborates our efforts to develop sustainable solutions and innovations. Everyone can contribute to making our world more sustainable.

Let us together be part of the change!

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