Smart lighting solution for shops and warehouses

Getting the right atmosphere is important in shops, but so is getting the right presentation for products. The lighting solution must meet a large number of different requirements, because it must suit the brand, the shop concept and the relevant shop size. Its components must also be coordinated precisely to suit the range. Standard and special light colours support the perfect colour reproduction of foods, textiles and hardware.


The simple connection system saves a large amount of time during assembly.

Lighting inserts

Flexible lighting inserts, that can be positioned on a track in different configurations, create maximum individuality.

Retail lighting inserts

Lighting inserts developed specially for retail for homogeneous and efficient lighting enable all types of goods presentation.

Universal use

Be it emergency lighting, loudspeakers or suspended luminaires, many more components can be integrated into TRAIL.

Lighting inserts


  • Suitable for different room heights and applications
  • Up to almost 20,000 lm
  • 3 lengths and efficiency classes
  • 7 different LDCs
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  • Suitable for workplaces with screens
  • Excellent glare protection and visual comfort
  • Two grid optics: chrome UGR < 19, dark UGR <16
  • Very low average light density ≤ 1000 cd/m²
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  • Modular system - ten million options, state-of-the-art technology and clear design
  • All Molto Luce light colours: meat, bread, fish, etc.
  • Different beam angles, optics or lenses combine perfect glare control with maximum efficiency
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  • Absolutely homogeneous and efficient vertical lighting without glare
  • Flexible adjustment for individual product presentation
  • +/- 15° pivot, floor matrix for increased floor brightness, Light Guider for 3rd level lighting
  • Perfect longitudinal glare control without distracting light densities
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Quick assembly and easy commissioning


The simple connection system saves a large amount of time during assembly.

Flexible lighting insert positioning

All lighting inserts can be positioned along the entire track at any desired point, thanks to the feed-through wiring.

Our current TRAIL folder

All components, light inserts and accessories at a glance.

Molto Luce is an Austrian provider of high-quality lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. Trust in an experienced partner who is able to confidently solve the complex tasks.
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