Flexible adaptation for individual product presentation

ARTIS MATRIX offers an absolute innovation, which for the first time makes it possible to adapt the radiation characteristics on site. You would like more light on the floor, no problem, simply set the required brightness on the spotlight. Should the lettering on the 3rd level also be illuminated? ARTIS MATRIX can do that too! With the separately available Light Guider you have the desired banner lighting.



The specially designed free-form surface reflector with faceting combines maximum efficiency with the best possible longitudinal glare control with absolutely homogeneous illumination of the surface to be illuminated. The pivotability from + 15 ° to -15 ° enables optimally illuminated goods for different aisle widths and room heights for a perfect shopping experience

  1. Straight end of the light distribution on the top of the shelf

  2. Third level illumination by using ARTIS Light Guider

  3. High brilliance for perfect staging the goods

  4. Perfect longitudinal glare control without distracting light density

  5. Illumination of the goods also in the depth of the shelf

  6. ARTIS MATRIX with increased floor light level

The right configuration for every application

ARTIS is available as a 3-phase track spotlight or recessed spotlight in 1-flame asymmetrical and 2-flame double asymmetrical as well as a gondola head version in black and white. ARTIS can also be ordered in the special light colors Magic Color, Magic White, Meat & Fish, Fruits & Vegetables, Bread and 3500K Premium CRI >90.

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