Functional lighting solution

The light of the spot radiates in a focused manner and does not appear on the interior of the dome when it emerges, which is used separately as a "canvas" for a homogeneous and independent light effect. This secondary light effect is not just an eye-catcher, but can also be used in a functional manner, e.g. for night-time lighting.

Basic light and spotlight on - General room lighting + focused light onthe wall
Basic light on - General room lighting
Spotlight on focused - Light onthe wall

A striking light effect

Using both light sources results in a fascinating paradox effect. On the ceiling, you can only see spots of light, but the perceived light effect is bright, high-resolution and functional. This effect is the result of the special arrangement of LEDs around the spot, so that the light effect can homogeneously unfold on the dome. The light dome is then perfectly illuminated and creates an atmospheric in the room.

Molto Luce is an Austrian provider of high-quality lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. Trust in an experienced partner who is able to confidently solve the complex tasks.
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