One luminaire - endless possibilities


The diffuse light of the Light Guide Pipe envelops every room in a unique mood, as desired. The soft and gentle light creates a wide variety of emotions.


With the directed direct light, the DARK NIGHT LGP only sets the scene in selected areas. Punctual accents skilfully reduce the focus on the essential aspects of the room.


The combination of directed direct light and diffuse light creates an interplay of almost infinite variations in the staging of the most diverse lighting moods. This broad area of application of the DARK NIGHT LGP opens up the possibility of adapting the room to personal needs.

Technology & control

Control options

The DARK NIGHT LGP can be perfectly adapted to the control technology required in the property. A CASAMBI, DALI or ZIGBEE connection is possible, for example. In addition, the "Molto Luce Smart App" ensures particularly simple and convenient operation via smartphone or tablet.


The recessed reflector, in combination with the colored decorative element, ensures direct light that is completely glare-free.

Light Guide Pipe Technologie

The Light Guide Pipe technology involves thousands of microscopic lasers in the outer shell of the luminaire. These direct the light from the LED horizontally into the room and create every imaginable mood by means of stepless dimming.

Areas of application

The DARK NIGHT LGP creates individual lighting concepts for a wide range of applications. Directed and diffuse light in just one surface-mounted luminaire in combination with switchability and dimming make it a unique lighting solution in the hotel and catering industry as well as in private living spaces.

The DARK NIGHT LGP is available in black and white powder-coated housings and reflectors in high-gloss black, matt silver, white and gold. The possibility of combining individual elements of the lamp in different colors leads to a very high level of design variance and perfect integration into your room situation.

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