Highlight in every application

Linear lighting solutions have long been an integral part of modern architectural concepts. LOG 50 combines high design standards with perfect lighting performance.

Office and corporate buildings (UGR<19)

Excellent glare values create the prerequisite for standard-compliant lighting solutions for a pleasant office atmosphere and efficient work.

Educational facilities

LOG 50 liefert neben schlichter Formensprache auch die passende Lichtstimmung als Tool für gesteigertes Wohlbefinden und längere Konzentrationsphasen.

Public buildings

The slender and linear design enters into a harmonious relationship with space and interior. The light lines blend harmoniously into any architecture.

Light with a system

LOG 50 pendant, surface-mounted and recessed versions can be configured not only as individual luminaires but also as system versions. Various system elements can be used to make striking statements.

LOG 50 lighting inserts are ready to plug in and can be installed quickly and easily.
The standard mid- and high-output versions can be adjusted on site via DIP switch.
Various connecting elements and L-light inserts allow exciting systems to be realised.
Indirect lighting can be realised in combination with the 3-phase module. (simple click-in mounting)
MOVA S and MAGNETICS inserts skilfully bring the focus to the right place.

Different optics for your needs

All luminaire versions can be designed with different optics, depending on the type of application.

Opale Abdeckung
Opal cover
Spot Version(optional mit Dark Reflektor)
Spot version (optionally with dark reflector)
Mikroprismatische Folie
Microprismatic foil
Raster Version
Grid version

Customised configuration

Modular components allow LOG 50 to be individually adapted to own requirements. The individual luminaire and system configurators enable a high degree of flexibility and freedom in planning.

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