One system - two profiles - multiple connection elements

As well as the delicate size and flexibility of the system, the main highlights are the lighting inserts, which are flush-mounted and fit perfectly into the track. This precise edging has never been achieved before and makes Magnetics an absolutely unique system on the market.

Magnetics Track

The opal and grid inserts in different lengths, and the spotlight in three sizes, offer linear basic lighting with accenting, which fits absolutely flush with the track. Only one movement, and any random object can be perfectly presented.

Optional Dali versions have the advantage of the individual inserts being separately addressable, meaning that they can be controlled individually.

Magnetics H Track

With the H-track, lighting inserts can be used in both opposite sides, i.e. the direct side and the indirect side. As well as room lighting, this also creates an opportunity to brighten up the ceiling. Both sides can also be controlled separately in the Dali version. This means that wonderful lighting scenarios can be designed with basic lighting and accenting.

A switch can be integrated into the floor lamp version, which makes the luminaires switchable or dimmable. For Dali light inserts, these are automatically, separately programmed directly and indirectly with the switch.

Connection elements

The L, T and X-connectors and the 90° ceiling/wall connector supply all the prerequisites for ensuring that effective systems can be created.

Lighting inserts

The simple magnetic fastening means that the components can quickly be restructured. All lighting inserts are protected against polarity reversal, and can also comfortably be used on both sides of the track.

Opal insert - Linear lighting inserts ensure atmospheric basic lighting and are available in 5 lengths.
Opal Black insert - When switched off, the Opal Black insert disappears and becomes almost "invisible" in the black track.
The smallest spot insert is equipped with a high-quality lens optics in 2 beam angles (20° & 30°).
Spot M insert - Spot M's distinguishing features are two different reflectors (chrome & dark chrome) and respective refraction angles of 24° or 38°.
Spot M insert - Spot L creates 1000 lumens with chrome, dark chrome reflectors (24° or 45°) or lenses (14°, 24° or 45°).
Symmetrical grid insert - Symmetrical grid inserts with light emission aimed downwards create an absolutely glare-free lighting picture.
Asymmetrical grid insert - Asymmetrical grid inserts with light emission aimed at the wall guarantee glare-free goods lighting.
Magnetic fastening - Offsetting, switching or just adjusting the spotlight head - MAGNETICS can be adapted to new conditions in no time at all.

Smart control

As well as the switchable version, Magnetics is also available in the DALI version, with the opportunity to control each luminaire individually and/or in groups, or retrieve scenes.

Areas of application

Be it wood, metal or glass, Magnetics can be mounted on a wide variety of surfaces. The maximum flexibility and minimalist appearance do not only provide the perfect lighting solution for living areas, shops and window displays, but are also a doorway to unexplored creative mood lighting opportunities in the hotel and catering industry.

Molto Luce is an Austrian provider of high-quality lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. Trust in an experienced partner who is able to confidently solve the complex tasks.
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