Round variety

The next level of our successful TURN ON luminaire family is available as a surface-mounted ceiling, wall-mounted or pendant luminaire, and is now characterised by 4 different sizes, along with the opportunity to adapt the luminaires to suit individual project requirements in any conceivable colour.

A notably low-key luminaire design

The reduced design approach of a flat disc with an inner decorative ring keeps things low-key. However, the opportunity to personalise the luminaire in two colours opens up the creative potential for striking an unique design scenarios.

With charming "creative colours", TURN ON 2 fits the trend for colourful accents in architecture.
The luminaire and the inner decorative ring each consist of one pressure-cast part, resulting in very high-quality haptics. They can be configured in individual colours, giving architects and planners a massive amount of extra scope for design.
Special "edge lighting technology" makes the flat luminaire height of only 6 cm possible.
DIM2WARM is also on offer in almost all sizes meaning that the lighting effect can be customised to suit personal tastes.

Edge lighting technology

With "edge lighting" technology, the light is broken up by over a thousand specially arranged, microscopically small lasers in the light guide plate, creating extraordinary light homogeneity over the entire light emission area.  The light source sits at the edge of the luminaire housing, thereby preventing you from looking directly at the LEDs and creating absolute freedom from glare.

Molto Luce is an Austrian provider of high-quality lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. Trust in an experienced partner who is able to confidently solve the complex tasks.
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