Next generation of office luminaires

CONCEPT is the first office luminaire available on the market which is attached on the front side and still offers standard-compliant illumination of the complete workstation with highest homogeneity without overhang.

Left, right or both

The luminaire series with minimalist appearance was developed especially for the high requirements on efficient light atmosphere of modern single and double workstations. The separate control makes it possible to illuminate only required areas with an especially sustainable and energy-saving illumination as a result.

Homogenous over the entire surface

Thanks to its location on the desk's front side, the floor lamp CONCEPT impresses with the homogenous illumination of the complete workstation even without overhang. This homogeneity is achieved by micro-facetted asymmetrical reflectors. They direct the light precisely to the workstation and guarantee a high visual comfort without glare.

The combination of this technology and a precise light distribution, protected by Molto Luce, offers offices the perfect glare control of UGR<16.

CONCEPT is the first floor lamp available on the market which fulfils these requirements in conformance to the regulations.

Pleasant office atmosphere with intelligent control

With its direct/indirect light distribution in a ratio of 30:70, these modern luminaires of the CONCEPT series do not only offer the perfect workstation illumination, but also create a pleasant office atmosphere. CONCEPT is available with four different controlling types for individual operation: switchable, with push-button for simple dimming, as motion daylight version with button on the pole to override the daylight-dependent automatic activation and as motion swarm version with daylight and motion sensor as well as swarm function.

Wireless switch

Modern office architecture is characterized by glass partitions, which makes it difficult to install a normal switch. The optional wireless switch, mounted at such glass partitions, is the perfect solution.

CONCEPT is equipped with a high-quality membrane switch with integrated USB socket for charging mobile phones and tablets.

CONCEPT is a floor lamp available in black and white. The strongly reduced design of the minimalist T shape allows for the elegant integration into sophisticated office architecture.