Maximum flexibility, minimalist design

The absolutely reduced 24-volt rail system stands out with its dimensions of just 16.5 x 12.6 mm, which corresponds to the size of a 1 cent coin.

Move or simply adjust the spotlight head

The simple magnetic fixture ensures fast rearrangement of the components. On top of that, all luminaire inputs are protected against wrong polarity and can be easily inserted on both sides of the rail.

Opal and louvre inserts of different lengths as well as both spotlights in two sizes offer a linear basic lighting which is absolutely flush with the rail and sets accents. Draw attention to any object with a flick of the wrist.

The L, T & X connectors as well as the 90┬░ ceiling/wall connector offer all it takes to create eye catchers.

Smart control

The Molto Luce smart app ensures a comfortable operation via smartphone. The MAGNETICS system can be switched on and off and dimmed smoothly with the tip of a finger to adapt the light atmosphere rapidly and easily to different needs. Other supported control systems are Dali and Loxone Air.


The elegant rail system has a wide area of application, which becomes apparent with display case lighting. Whether wood, metal or glass, MAGNETICS can be mounted on highly diverse surfaces.

The maximum flexibility and minimalist appearance offer not only the perfect illumination for display cases, shops or living spaces, but offer especially hotels and restaurants undreamt-of possibilities for a creative light presentation. The absolutely reduced design also guarantees the perfect integration into sophisticated architecture.