More than a tube

Our simple and modest 48V light tube system with a diameter of only 7 cm perfectly combines basic lighting and accentuation.

VALO sets individual accents

With the 48V track embedded invisibly in the opal plastic tube, it is possible to expand VALO's homogenous basic lighting optionally with spots. The spotlights, available in a one-lamp or two-lamp version, create individual accents in interior spaces. The fact that the spotlight inserts can be individually placed in the rail offers a high degree of flexibility for lighting design.

On top of that, they can be swivelled horizontally as well as vertically. A micro-faceted reflector guarantees an absolutely glare-free beam characteristic.

Harmonious light atmosphere due to separate controlling

As spotlight and light tube are individually dimmable, the way is clear for high-quality illumination. Whether homogenous basic lighting with or without accentuation, or simply perfect accentuation without basic lighting, VALO creates the proper light atmosphere for every room characteristic and architecture.

System assembly

With a wide variety of connecting elements, VALO can be expanded into an exciting system in just a few steps. The easy assembly is very time-saving with simple hand movements and few tools.


The timelessly elegant line is available as a pendant, ceiling and wall lamp in lengths from 600 to 3400mm. Whether in the hotel industry, in the office, in school buildings or in private living areas, the individual combination of basic and accent lighting makes VALO the ideal lighting solution for a wide variety of applications.