Hotel Residence Inn

Den Haag / Netherlands

Geometrie und Harmonie


As a dress, there is already a tribute to Piet Mondrian, the artist who lived in The Hague for a long time: the "Mondrian Dress" by Yves Saint Laurent. Now a team from the Kitzing Design Studio has also created a monument to the master of geometry and clarity with the interior of the new Marriott Hotel Residence Inn in The Hague.

The hotel's suites are spacious and dignified. A delicate colour scheme and warm materials create a calm harmonious spatial effect. Whether a guest feels comfortable or not, however, also depends to a large extent on the lighting. "No interior designer should hesitate to commission specialists [lighting designers] to optimise his or her performance," says Hamburg designer and interior designer Jan Wichers. They develop finely tuned lighting scenes based on their complex technological knowledge on the one hand, and their sensitive powers of observation and creative imagination on the other. Good interior design speaks to the soul. Light is emotion.

It goes without saying that not only the lighting effect of the luminaire but also its visual impact is a relevant element in interior design. In the suites, the filigree //MEJO blends so harmoniously into the room design as if it had been developed specifically for this setting. As a special order, it was produced for the Residence Inn Den Haag with a toggle switch instead of the usual motion sensor.


Lighting Design: Paul Clemens (Clemens Lichtadvies)
Design & realisation: Kitzig Design Studios

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