Comfortable lighting moods for doctors and in the care sector.

In making an experience as pleasant as possible for people when visiting a doctor or pharmacy, a nursing or rehabilitation facility, creating interior decorating solutions that are specifically designed for these areas has become more and more important. These solutions also take into account the effect of light to achieve their goals. Sterile-looking areas now belong to the past. Patients should be made to feel welcome upon entering a bright and friendly reception area.

Many factors play a role in light design that must be taken into consideration as part of the concept. Todays medical practices, pharmacies and nursing facilities show personality and individuality. Blend uniform concepts belong to the past. The patient and their feelings are the central focus. Similar situations occur in kindergartens, schools, assisted living facilities for seniors or rehabilitation institutions. In these places designers are also aware of the positive effects created by individualised architecture and atmospheric lighting design.

Molto Luce is an Austrian provider of high-quality lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. Trust in an experienced partner who is able to confidently solve the complex tasks.
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