How does the retail customer benefit?

The topic of sustainability is of great significance in the retail sector. Clients require energy-efficient, CO2-saving and flexible lighting solutions, they also expect much greater transparency with detailed information about the supplier's understanding of sustainability and the measures taken. That is why Molto Luce consistently focuses on People. Power. Planet. in all activities.

Beyond environment, for people, economically viable.

Under the banner "We Care.", we have set up a three-pillar programme, which follows the principle of PEOPLE. POWER. PLANET, to tackle the three essential aspects of sustainability. All activities are aimed at people, go beyond pure conservation, and naturally take the economic elements into account as well.

Our programme is structured, analytical and forward-looking. In all three, we define criteria, determine the current status quo and search for practical ways to optimise our activities. We combine these with smart targets and also monitor them in the long term. From an ecological perspective, we place existing behaviours and processes under the microscope and always keep them in our sights.

To be precise.

Our customers benefit from our products, because they…

  • save costs due to increased efficiency (Power)
  • remain flexible due to a modular design and can always guarantee people the best lighting moods (People), and
  • in this way, are also protecting the environment, as a simple change of reflectors, circuit boards etc. considerably extends the service life of a luminaire (Planet)
  • are packaged using plastic-free solutions, making the packaging easy to recycle (Planet)
  • constantly undergo luminaire improvements, thanks to systematic internal product scoring (Power)

Even more.

Customers can be sure that when developing and producing our luminaires, and in the internal working day, aspects of the People. Power. Planet. concept will always be taken into consideration, because we…

  • are creating an energy and CO2 balance in order to define reduction targets and paths
  • have conducted an analysis of energy-saving potential and will be gradually implementing it
  • are analysing peak loads in energy consumption and reacting accordingly
  • are using multiple movement and daylight sensors in our in-house lighting in order to reduce the energy demand
  • are already generating 30% of our energy demand at the production site from our existing PV system and will increase this percentage to 50% in the future
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