Welcome to the marvellous realm of light.

It is light that lends each area its own special presence and that intentionally emphasises specific areas within them. Only a successful interplay of architecture, interiors, and light give rise to a harmonious totality. A well-thought-out dramatic composition of more or less light increases the experience of spatial structure and its contents. It is not always the amount of light that allows us to see what is worth seeing. For more than 40 years Molto Luce has been in the business of helping to put its customers in the proper light and is acquainted with all aspects of functional lighting.

Right from the start Fritz Eiber had a clear vision of his company. His love for Italy and interest in modern design and good architecture inspired him in 1981 to incorporate Molto Luce. Until today he characterizes the company with his personality and cooperative style of management. His visions are the basis for the creation of successful light design. His focus has always been on maximum customer orientation, excellent service and a high level of flexibility as well as on a good project partnership.

Company founder and managing director Fritz Eiber

@ Markus Wenzl

Unlimited light experience.

Today Molto Luce`s marks of light go far beyond Austria`s borders. The company employs 480 members of staff and it has also established internationally as excellent project partner for providing high-grade, design-oriented illumination, as well as for professional light planning. The long lasting experience in the field of superior illumination leaves its marks on the development of products and thus guarantees functional, market-orientated lighting solutions. The understanding of lifestyles, the tuning into the human needs and awareness of behaviours are further relevant modules in creating innovative lighting concepts.

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