Logistics hall with new lighting system.

In a MOLTO LUCE logistics hall, the outdated lighting system was replaced with a new intelligent lighting system. The optimised light output - during the day and at night - enables remarkable cost savings due to lower electricity consumption. The resulting reduction in CO2 emissions makes a notable contribution to sustainability. In addition, long-lasting components and perfect lighting quality significantly promote operational safety in the company.


MOLTO LUCE logistics hall

Commissioning: Autumn 2021
New trunking system: TRAIL
Installation height: 7.8m
Shelf corridor: 23m x 2.8m

New trunking system the clear winner in comparison

In a direct comparison of the old installation with the new system, the optimised lighting quality is also evident between the shelves. Despite the reduced number of lighting inserts of the new trunking solution, the illuminance is higher than before.


Previous solution: T5

  • 13 x 49W T5 fluorescent lamps
  • Low beam reflector

Operation data each corridor:

Total power: 689 W

Measured illuminance:

  • Em = 220lx


New solution: TRAIL

  • 4 x 49W Trail light insert (Medium Beam)
  • Art.-Nr.: 610-125301151405d

Operation data each corridor:

Total power: 196 W

Maintenance value of illuminance:

  • Shelf storage - floor: 211lx
  • Shelf storage – shelf surface: 239lx

The project complies with the new requirements of the EN 12464-1:2021 standard

Energy saving potential

Modern lighting systems such as TRAIL measurably promote efficiency, which in large halls but also in narrow aisles in production and logistics goes hand in hand with significant savings in operating costs. Daytime or presence-controlled lighting levels achieve immediate electricity savings because only as much light is provided as is actually needed. Depending on the design and technologies used, energy savings of up to 90% can be achieved.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Intelligent lighting systems for more efficiency
  • Optimised light output at all times - by day and also by night
  • High quality of light & ideal visual conditions for any kind of activity
  • Savings in electricity consumption and costs
  • Emergency lighting solutions possible
  • Operational safety due to long-lasting quality components
  • Significant contribution to the sustainability of a company through CO2 savings

The components used in the project

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