Neoom Free City

Freistadt / Austria

A pioneering home base for sustainability and modern office architecture


From initial planning to realisation, the Free City project focused on a high-quality lighting solution in the form of a sustainable overall concept, which was developed in collaboration with interior designer Ben Elmecker. He is also responsible for the overall design concept of Free City. The building, which is divided into the basement, ground floor, first floor and top floor and has a total area of 6,000 m², has been fully equipped with energy-efficient lighting from Molto Luce. In addition, a desired "industrial look" runs through the building and is also reflected in the lighting solution. Attention was also paid to perfect glare control to ensure optimum visual comfort. DALI dimmability of the lighting throughout the building allows for customisation according to personal preference and during the course of the day.


These days, acoustics play an important role in modern buildings. A successful solution can significantly improve the quality of stay by reducing unwanted noise, both in the common areas and - especially - in the offices. The Austrian interior designer Ben Elmecker paid particular attention to the acoustic design of the rooms in his concept for Free City. In collaboration with Molto Luce, functional and visually appealing, simple acoustic elements made of thermally bonded non-woven fabric were developed, which were used with and without light inserts in the Free City project. The so-called ACOUSTIC Baffles from Molto Luce are not only acoustic benefactors, but also light sources and striking design elements.


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